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Where are some sources of good chocolate?
By Renee Shelton
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Fine chocolates are all over the world, literally. Below are some links of some of the more popular chocolate companies from their respective countries. This list is by all means not comprehensive as there are many, many different chocolate companies. Do you have a favorite? or know of a chocolate company from a different country? Let us know and we'll add it to our list.

And about chocolate: here is our list of Chocolate Percentages and descriptions of some popular and unusual chocolates to try.

All articles links from the chocolate companies below are from their English versions unless otherwise noted; for other languages available, go to the main page and select a different country if available.



Ghiradelli kitchen's video list on the basics of chocolate making and using chocolates, including a video on tempering chocolate.

A Ghiradelli product substitution list.

A glossary of chocolates and chocolate terms.

Hawaiian Vintage Chocolate

Tips on molding chocolate: simple list of tips for molding chocolates.

HVC gives a simple-to-follow chart detailing the steps from cocoa beans to cocoa powder or to plain chocolate.

What the cocoa pod looks like, in illustration and photo.

Scharffen Berger

An online virtual tour of the plant, with pictures of the actual machines, and a diagram of the layout of the factory. To see it in person, you can make reservations for a live tour if you're coming the Berkely area.

Scharffen Berger's Chocolate How Tos.

Guittard Chocolate Company

Learn about the different growing regions ('Anillo del Fuego' (ring of fire), Sur del Lago, Quevedo (equator), Chucuri Valley, Ambanja in the Sambirano Valley) and the cacao varietals.

Tips and steps on making confections.



Downloads from Callebaut, all in Adoble .pdf formats.

Tempering chocolate is shown in five different ways, with photos of the steps.

After you've tempered your chocolate, here are several decorations you can make, including chocolate fans, chocolate curves and using and decorating molds.

Step-by-step how to dip chocolates, for both a thin and thick enrobing layer.

If you have chocolate molds and want to know how to successfully fill and mold them, here is info on the basic types: single molds, double molds, chocolate shells and making chocolate filled truffles and pralines with molds.

History of Choclate — Time lines for the history of chocolate, where chocolate is grown and how its harvested, from 2000BC - present

Cocoa Cultivation, from the bean all the way to the chocolate we know.



From Valrhona, here is a link to an "illustrated" recipe, with tools, recipe, assembly and decoration.


Here is a glossary with definitions of all sorts of chocolate related terminology, with highlights of some important dates in chocolate history.


Pictorial chart of the chocolate manufacturing process; click on the 'next' for a picture to pop up.



From Lindt UK, how to taste chocolate successfully. The same info from the English version of the Switzerland site, but with larger pictures of the taster doing the tasting.

Health and fact sheets from the IOCCC (International Office of Cocoa, Chocolate and Sugar Confectionery Industries).



Amigos del Chocolate Spanish fans of chocolate with recipes, forum, etc.


El Rey

Read up on the three different types of Venezuelan chocolates.

El Rey's Fair Trade statement.



Glossary of many chocolate terms, including terms not found on other sites.

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