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Hard Candy, Poured and Pulled Sugar Work, Boiled Sugar Lollipops & Suckers. Scroll below to browse these items:

Decorative Molds for Hard Candy Making and Cookie Baking:

Animal Crackers & Cookies

Jewels Jewels Jewels Jewels Jewels Jewels

Gingergread House Accessories and Baking Molds
Christmas Barn Country Church Haunted House
Gingerbread Church
Christmas Trees
Gingerbread House
Trees for Mini Village
Mini Village School House
Mini Christmas Village

High Temperature Tools
High Temp Funnels, Sugar Pumps, Thermometers, High Temp Exoglass Spoons for Caramels

Candy Thermometer Matfer Exoglass SpoonCopper Sugar Pan


Candy, Sugar Paste & Decorating Books


Powder and Luster Color Brushes, Color Trays, Candy Wrappers

Concentrated oil based flavors - works with chocolate and candies.

Popsicle, Lollipop/Sucker and Candied Apple Sticks - High temperature for boiled candy molds
4 different sizes for suckers, 7" wooden candy apple sticks and popsicle sticks

Candy Sticks Candy Sticks Popsicle Sticks Apple Sticks


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