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Batterie de Cuisine - Pastry Tips


All cake decorators carry with them different tool boxes with their favorite tools. But one tool they all have in common: pastry tips. Here is a run down on the ubiquitous pastry tip, and all its accoutrements.

Pastry Tip Families

Of the many, many brands of pastry tips out there, they all can be summed up in several basic families. And inside each of those families are where you'll find the specialty ones, or the one unique tip for that one job.

For example, the star tip family is a biggie - but is further separated by the styles or shapes of their points: fine or French star (finer and closer together), open star (the points are open), closed star (the points point toward the center of the tip), deep cut closed star (points are deeply cut making these perfect for dropped designs), etc. Of the drop flower tips, there are about 30 to choose from.

Sizing and Couplers

'Standard sized' pastry tips are those that will fit with the small, standard sized couplers, and come in 'standard' shapes - the numbers are nearly universal across the board as far as brands go. Large sized or 'professional' tips are those that are made to fit inside a pastry bag with no coupler, although there are couplers that will fit with those, too.

Metal or Plastic?

Pastry tips are found in two basic materials: metal or plastic. The metal ones are either nickel-plated brass or stainless steel, each resists rust. Plastic can be made of either polycarbonate or polypropylene. Polycarbonate plastic is shock proof, very hard, and is either transparent or clear (comes in different colors). Polypropylene plastic is solid in color (most commonly tan or white) and is a softer plastic that can be microwaved

Here are some suggested ways to use the different tips:

Round Tips:
Use for writing, dots, vine work, piping borders, filigree work, cornelli lace, lace work, outlines and fills, lines, balls, drop work, strings and stems, lattice work, micro piping, lettering, etc.

Tips: 1-12, 000, 00, 261, 800-809

Open Stars:
Use for rosettes, star shapes, ropes, borders, outlines, lines, lace work, lattice work, fleur-de-lis, fill-in, etc.

Tips: 13-22, 262, 820-829

Fine or French Stars:
Use for rosettes, borders, shell borders, outlining work, outlines, lines, drop flowers, fill-in, piping, shell borders, etc.

Tips: 32, 199, 362, 363, 364, 172, 860-869

Closed Stars:
Use for borders, rosettes, drop flowers, piping, swirl flowers, shell borders, drop shapes, fill-in, etc.

Tips: 23-31, 33-35, 232, 233, 501, 502, 504, 132, 195, 506, 508, 852-858, 840-849

Cross-top tips. These tips have a closed-star shape with 4 points to them.
Filler piping, four point stars, cross stiching, simple drop flowers.

Tips: 49-54, 77-78

Swirl top. These tips are similar to a star-shaped tip except the points of the stars are slanted rather than straight, giving swirl look to the rosette. Other swirl tops with a center metal rod can be found under dropped flowers, above. These all have open middles:
Use for dropped swirl flowers, piping, borders, piped cookies, etc.

Tips: 96, 885, 886, 887, 888

Multi-Hole Tips:
These tips have more than one opening in the pastry tip, in either star or round shape. Use for borders, drop flowers, grass, garlands, hair for piped figurines, outlines, etc.

Tips: 41-43, 89, 221, 133, 134, 234, 2010

Basketweave, Flat Ribbon, Icers:
Use for basketweave, lattice weave, borders, straight lines and borders, quick icing of cakes, side borders and decoration, cookies, stripes and strip work, etc:

Tips: 44-45, 46, 46a, 47, 47a, 48, 48a, 895, 897, 898, 789, 790

Leaf Tips:
Use for all leaves, borders, garlands, etc.

Tips: 65-70, 71-76, 94-95, 349, 350, 352, 263, 112-115

Rose and Flower Tips - These tips have a straight opening, wider on one end, and is slanted:
Use for roses, rose petals, flowers, borders, garlands, swags, bows, outlines, writing, quick icing of cakes, side borders, etc:

Tips: 101-104, 264, 124-128, 180

Petal, Curved Petal, and Left-Handed Petal - These tips are similar to the rose tips, but have either a curve or wavy look to them:
Use for borders, roses, flowers, mums, piping decorations, garlands, swags, etc.

Tips: 59, 59a, 60, 61, 97, 155, 159-162, 116-119, 120-123, 79-81

Drop-Flower tips. Most of these tips have thin bar piece attached to the inside of the tip sticking out to the middle, thereby creating a drop flower without a center. Useful if you want to put different colors for centers or different designs. For dropped flowers, just about any tip can be used with the aid of your imagination.
Drop flowers, filler flowers for cakes, specialty flowers.

Tips: 105-107, 129, 131, 136-140, 146, 177, 191, 193, 217, 220, 223-225, 108, 109, 135, 171, 190, 194

Border or specialty border tips. These tips are specially made for making frilly, ruffled, and skirted borders.
Use for borders, flowers, garlands, swags, decorative piping, flat shell borders, shell border, ruffles, flower petals, etc.
Frilly and decorative borders.

Tips: 62-64, 86-88, 168, 158, 143, 155, 030, 040, 050, 060, 070, 090, 79-81, 143, 401, 403, 98, 899

Oval-topped tips, triangular and squared top shaped tips
Use for piping, borders, writing, lines, outlines, dropped-work, dropped flowers, etc.

Tips: 55-58, 82-84, 85

Specialty tips:
Use for piping, borders, writing, lines, outlines, dropped-work, dropped flowers, etc.

St. Honore, Bismark, Christmas Tree, Heart

Left-Handed Tips
Made for left-handers, these are also useful for right-handers.

Tips: 159, 160, 161, 162, 168

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