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Tiered wedding cake with a lattice basketweave design.
Cake is covered in Italian buttercream.

The lattice design is made as follows:
using a basketweave piping tip, a line is made
at a diagonal (for example,
\ \ \ \ \).
This is repeated at even intervals all around the cake side,
about an inch or so apart. This same tip is used to make an "X" shape,
crossing over at an opposing angle as the finished lines
(for example,
/ / / / /). This is repeated at the same interval as
the first lines. You now have crossing "X's" on the cake sides.
Note: when doing this, the closer together the lines are, the more the
x's will overlap each other and create a more intricate design.
The farther apart they are, the looser the design will be, and the x's may
only cross at one point, like the center, instead of many points if closer

Then, using a small, plain tip, or a tip that is
different than the first one you used, and following the first
lines you drew on the cake, pipe in the gaps and continue around
the cake. Continue with the opposing angle just as the basketweave
tip. You now have a series of "X" shapes crossing each other on
the cake sides, basketweave tip first and round tip over that.

This results in a lattice-style basketweave that looks
like an intricate plaid work, but is rather very easy to accomplish.
Made for wedding at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel by Renee Shelton.
Original design for bride.

Copyright © 2009 Renee Shelton