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Wedding cake with grape motif. The tiered wedding cake has
the illusion of being stacked, and royal icing "lattice flats" are placed
at the open spaces and secured at the corners with
additional royal icing. Tiers of cake are covered in rolled
fondant. To make the royal icing decor, start by estimating the size
of the cake tiers you will be making: you want to have
the cake tiers and royal icing decor to be the same height and width.
Out of royal icing, create desired lattice, basketweave, or
other continuous, touching design so whole piece remains
intact. Keep the design as a whole rectangular shape (or square,
depending on the size or shape of cake side).
Let dry thoroughly before attempting to attach to cake.
When cake is ready to be assembled, set up column of the tiers of the cake.
Take each dried royal icing "flat" and with fresh royal icing attach to
the bottom of the cake tier, and attach to the side of the previous "flat."
Continue until cake is finished. Dried decor will cover the column legs
and provide with a stacked-look wedding cake.
Grapes were provided by bride to be placed around the cake.
Made for wedding at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel
by Renee Shelton. Design adapted from picture bride brought in.

Copyright © 2004 Renee Shelton